Learn the latest about 3DS, The 3D Games Console By Nintendo.  Made By Lewis

What is 3DS

The 3DS is Nintendo's 3D Games console.


In the 3ds product family: 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL.

Media Pre-installed software: Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS Sound

Free E-shop Games: Updates, Demos, Nintendo Letter Box, Nintendo Video

Wifi supported (All Consoles)

3D Supported  (On 3DS And 3DS XL, Not 2DS)

Main software: Browser, Friend list, Notifications, Game notes

Nintendo 3DS, DSI, And DS Software compatible (All)


What is Nintendo

Nintendo is a company making games consoles. Some of it's console's are below:

1. Wii

2. Wii U

3. 3DS

4. 3DS XL

Remember That These Are Not Made By Nintendo:

1. XBOX (By Microsoft)

2. Playstation (By Sony)